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Job Descriptions


The pastor must be an ordained Baptist minister and be the shepherd, spiritual leader and teacher of the church. The pastor is responsible for maintaining the operations and administrative functions of the church.

Church Business Manager: (Apply via this link)
Assist the Trustee Ministry and Pastor with the management, development, implementation, coordination and evaluation of the Church’s business practices, procedures and employees. They are also responsible for scheduling events/services, overseeing facility rentals, and contracts relative to the enhancement of the church properties.


Administrative Assistant:  (Receptionist)

Building and Grounds Engineer:
Responsible for overseeing and the general upkeep of church property.  They ensure the buildings and grounds are up to code and meet all the requirements and standards for licensure and certifications necessary for daily operation.  In addition, this person is responsible for on‑going preventive maintenance.

Minister of Music: 
Responsible for overseeing and administering the current music ministry, and for developing new initiatives for its improvement.  They coordinate the total music program for the church to enhance the spirit of worship and assist the congregation in praising God.

Assistant Minister of Music: 
Responsible for assisting the Minister of Music, by coordinating a portion of the music program.  They provide assistance in the preparation of the worship services, selection of songs, planning for the liturgical season, and helps the service to flow smoothly throughout worship.

Responsible for assisting the ministry of music in percussion. They perform musical tasks as assigned by the minister of music, attend band rehearsals, and assist the music program of the church.

Security Personnel: 
Responsible for ensuring the safety of the church.  In addition, they monitor the properties of the church daily, reports incidents, and provide assistance to members, vendors and visiting guests.


Job Opportunity:   



The administrative assistant functions as the receptionist and performs various tasks.  In addition, they act as the church staff liaison, to present a positive image to the general public.  Currently, the administrative assistant is a temporary part-time paid staff position.


  • Born again Christian and maturing in Christ;
  • High school graduate, some college is a plus;
  • At least 1 year of previous experience preferred.

Candidates will need to show evidence of the following skills and personal qualities:

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of a computer and software including but limited to all Microsoft Office programs and adobe;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Organizational, interpersonal, problem solving, conflict resolution, and negotiating skills;
  • Commitment to confidentiality;
  • Professional manner and neat in appearance.